Pals 2009 Fall Fling





 For those of you who are coming in Wednesday (or sooner), the Hospitality House will be open starting around 2 p.m. Wednesday afternoon. You can register anytime after we open. Bring your stitching, come say hello, see old friends & make new ones! We encourage everyone to come to the HH and meet everyone, there are no "strangers" at the convention! :-)

The Stash Room will be open again in the Hospitality House so bring any stash you want to get rid of and have fun looking through it all that's there for some great bargins!


If you haven't attended before, email me for directions to the hospitality house!






 Thursday morning we will continue registration in the Hospitality House.


  Mary of Cross Stitchville will be joining us again for your shopping pleasure!  She will be set up by the Hospitality House and her hours will be posted for you to shop until you drop! :-)


Thursday night we're going to have a "Dessert Buffet" in the Hospitality House! We all love to eat right? What's better than desserts?! We are asking anyone who would like to bring some sort of dessert to please do so.  It can be homemade or store-bought.  If you are flying in & want to pick up something once you arrive, we'll make sure you are able to go shopping!  

Join the discussion for this on the Pals Fall Fling BB.

Bring your stitching and stay awhile after you have some dessert!!






Friday evening around 5:00/5:30 p.m . - we will have a casual dinner in the Hospitality House! The menu  is in the works, I'll share the details when completed.  The cost will be approx. $10 per person.


Friday evening will bring fun and games!   It will be a Pals Party!!  Lots of fun and laughter, games (with prizes & giveaways) and goodies. 

We will have the Grab Bag Exchange. Each Pal wanting to participate will bring a grab bag of stitching goodies (ie. needles, floss, accessories, fabrics, specialty fibers, buttons, beads, charms, etc.) valued at least $20 (you can spend more - many do -  but be aware that you may receive a grab bag with only $20 worth of stash!).  This is not a required actitivity, only those bringing a grab bag will get to participate.  Also, please note that the items in your grab bag should be things you yourself would like to receive, not recycled (ie: OLD) items. The grab bag exchange has always been one of the most popular "events" at the convention, and we encourage everyone who has not attended before to bring a grab bag. The "most popular" bag (i.e. the one that's passed around the most) will win a nice prize! The bag can be anything you can dream up! In the past we have had so many types of "bags", including gift bags, tins, fabric totes, homemade totes from cute fabric, garbarge cans, fishing tackle box, cookie jars, sewing baskets, fabric & wooden trunks, hatboxes and the list just goes on & on & on! Some people stitch something and make their "container" with it.  See how creative you can be! Make sure no one can see what's in the bag (no peeking until everyone has one!) and also be sure to put a card or note with your name in the bag so we will know who to thank. Please remember to put only NEW, UNUSED items in the bags!

We will also have a Christmas ornament exchange.  You will receive an ornamnet for each ornament you bring.  For example, if you bring one, you will leave with one, if you bring 6, you will take home 6, etc.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask! 


The Hospitality House will be open after the Pals Party. Come join in for even more stitching, fun & laughter!!!





Saturday the Hospitality House will be open as usual.  Pals will be able to gather, socialize and stitch. 


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If you have any questions, please email us